Preston Perry and Jackie Hill Perry| The Fall

At P4CM’s renowned spoken word event Rhetoric this year, Preston and Jackie Perry debuted their first spoken word piece together. The two depict the fall of man in the garden of Eden through a poetical conversation between Adam and Eve. Their thought-provoking lines touch on the false promises which sin entices us with, and the root of all sin - our prideful desire to be God Himself. One would think our fallen nature would permanently ensnare and enslave all for generations to come; but as Preston and Jackie conclude, we are reminded - there is hope.

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"Pain is a forest we all get lost in… We’re all just trying to make sense out of suffering, but you say I am blessed because of this so I choose to believe…"

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BLOG FEATURE - Why You Simply Can't Love Me for Me

After you take me in your arms and tell me that you love me for all that I am and all that I’m not… I will disappoint you. Time and time again. You will wake up one day, turn over, look at me, and be sick and tired of what you see. I will open my mouth and I will have found the words that aggravate you like no other.

How will you love me then?

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Eighteen years today. Thankful.



The day I was born. I don’t have the greatest memory of my childhood years, but one thing I find truly amazing is how through it all, God has kept me. I grew up in a Christian home so I ‘always’ knew of The Lord, but He wasn’t My Lord, not until my later years in secondary school when The Lord convicted me of being a hypocrite. I owned up and gave in. Since first being asked to tell of my salvation story, I’ve been trying to figure out where exactly my testimony began, and where it should end?

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  • *last week after a moment of 'rant-crying' out to God*
  • Me: ...SEE! All this is MY fault!! I've made sooo many mistakes!!
  • God: Chinaza. Think over all your years. All the decisions you've made... Have they all been perfect?
  • Me: *sobbing* Nooo...
  • God: ...And yet you are here.
  • #nuffsaid. #Hisgraceisstillsufficient #neednotworry #Ican'tHecan

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Zora Howard|The D Train Teaches A Lesson In Patience

"…Afraid to move forward or backward so I sink where I stand. Everything tells me my hour’s descending and I still feel like a rough draft. Who’s gonna proof me? Or prune me? Or prep me?…"

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